Are You Ready?

Are You...
  • Writing off losses, but don’t know why?

  • Spending excess hours buried in paperwork, wasting resources, labor and money dealing with inefficient data reporting and analysis?

  • Struggling to get actionable information on inventory, margin, staffing levels and waste, for example, so you can make good decisions?

  • Making decisions based on your gut, rather than actual data?

Some clients are looking to expand their size or services, and the ROG team of experts is well suited for the challenge. Others simply want to do better, and that's all that matters.

The ROG Client is:

Aware that parts of their business could run more smoothly

Desiring to improve

Willing to change

Committed to the process and willing to work

Our clients report many benefits of working with ROG Consulting.

While we have worked with businesses of all sizes, we specialize in small to mid-size retailers (five to 100 stores), wholesale fuel jobbers/marketers, and those involved in bulk, transport or QSR.


The ROG team made this process a pleasure and I liked the transition game plan. I felt it was a 100% execution and success!

- Head of IT and Loss Prevention, Large Convenience Store Chain

Meet the ROG Team