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Meet The Team

With 100+ years of combined industry experience, the ROG Consulting team understands how the Petroleum sector works.

Mark Lotstein - ROG Consulting
Mark Lotstein
President / Co-Founder

Co-founder and president of ROG Consulting, Mark has over 20 years of convenience and petroleum industry experience. His primary areas of expertise include:

  • Software – Scanning and back office solutions for retail, wholesale, transport, accounting and more

  • Store/office process and procedure – Ways to maximize control while minimizing labor and expense

  • Background screening and drug testing

Mark’s first exposure to the world of retail was working at his family’s 11 grocery stores as a teen. He truly learned the business from the ground up, starting with bringing in shopping carts from the parking lot and then expanding into other responsibilities.

After the family business was sold, Mark became vice president of internet product sales for a scanning and back office software company. In this role, he learned that one shoe does not fit all needs, and no matter how good a software product(s) may be, it doesn’t mean it is the right solution for all retailers. This led Mark to reach out to Bruce Butler, a respected client, and thus sparked the beginnings of ROG Consulting. Mark and Bruce agreed to operate a consulting practice with no ties to the software or hardware suppliers so they could truly help their clients find the best solution for their specific needs without any concern of bias – 100% objective, impartial advice.

A graduate of Lehigh University, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, playing golf, and helping coach his son’s little league baseball team.

Nancy Ryan
Director of Retail Operations

Nancy has been in the convenience store business for 30 years. Starting as a store manager and working her way to district manager, supervisor of food service and in her most recent role as Director of Retail Operations.  Nancy has worked in mid sized chains that included

  • Gas / convenience store

  • Instore deli with both prepared to order and grab and go food service

  • National QSR’s

  • Car washes

She is also a certified VASC technician on the Commander/Ruby POS.  This gives her the knowledge and understanding of how the connectivity to a back office software and the data that can be polled from the POS work.  In addition she is able to configuration and set up on the POS.

Nancy is an excellent and patient trainer based her understanding of the flow of information from store level to the office this uniquely positions her for training from beginning to end within an organization. 

Nancy has a college degree in teaching and taught pre-school for 6 years, is an active member in her church and loves dogs.

Nancy Ryan - ROG Consulting
Richard Ficorilli - ROG Consulting
Richard Ficorilli
Senior Consultant

Richard Ficorilli has over 30 years in the Convenience and Petroleum store industry. He has served on both the Connecticut Carwash Association and the Connecticut Shell Dealer Association. He has owned and operated seven gasoline/convenience locations that have included everything from AM/PM Food Marts, ETD Food Marts, car washes and snack shops. His experience dealing with Food Mart franchises is extensive, including being involved in the original focus groups. He opened the first AM/PM Franchises in the state of Connecticut.

Having as many as 60 or more employees, he was one of the first to implement scanning and item level inventory. Over the past 20 years he has helped many of his fellow dealers do the same.

Richard has also been involved in developing programs in the communities surrounding his business. From toy and food drives to helping build and expand high school sport.

Kurt Jasman
Senior Consultant

Kurt Jasman helps ROG clients move to line-item inventory to streamline and increase profits. He also got an early start in the retail business. At 15, he began working for Supermarc Inventory Services of Connecticut, and joined the company as a full-time employee after graduating high school. Noting how times have changed – technology in particular – Kurt recalls using paper and pencil to count inventory, then progressing to tape recorders, and eventually calculators.

In 1989, he started his own business, DK Inventory Services of CT, LLC, with his partner Denise A. Jasman while still working for Supermarc. His business turned a corner in 2000 when he purchased a handheld scanner and program, a new technology that caught his attention. He landed an account in a hospital gift shop, and continues to service this account to date.

Two years later, Kurt decided to pursue his own business full-time. Soon after, he landed his first major account and began focusing 100% on line-item scan audits.

Companies such as SSCS, CSS, Series2k, Pinnacle, Atlantic Systems and LiquorPOS use his scanners and software packages.

Kurt Jasman - ROG Consulting
Wayne Coe
Senior Consultant

Wayne Coe has over 30 years of financial experience working in the retail, wholesale, and services industries. He started his career with Donelan’s Supermarkets as their Point of Sale Coordinator moving up over the years to Director Finance. Before becoming a Senior Consultant at ROG Consulting, Wayne worked for over six years as a controller for Community Service Stations, a New England wholesale petroleum company. In this role, he oversaw all financial aspects of the company including monthly financial statements, state & federal excise tax reporting, company bank statements and all Accounts Payable & Receivable functions. 

Wayne has graduated from Fitchburg State University with a BS in business administration and an MBA from Nichols College. He enjoys tenpin bowling and is a USA Softball certified umpire. He lives in Leominster, MA with his wife and daughter.

Emily Taylor
Senior Consultant

Emily Taylor joined ROG Consulting in 2021 new to the petroleum industry. Her background in computer science and teaching has made her a natural fit.


Her roles at ROG include:

  • Project tracking and technical support for the team and clients

  • Software data set up and entry for back-office software implementations

  • Building retail price books from the ground up

  • Writing software utilization and procedural process reports

Emily’s university degree is in teaching, which she has combined with her love of computer science and technology. She has prior experience in the classroom and in training. Her patience and attention to detail enable her to excel at setting up software, reviewing software data, and working with people.

She is happily married, an active member of her church, and lover of animals.


We needed computers in all of our stores, a new back-office system, and scanning stations. With ROG, we had an upgraded version of our system up-and-running within five or six months. It has helped us cut down on all the paperwork, the storage issues and a lot of the problems we had been encountering

- Lee Holland, Southern Oil

Meet Our Partners
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