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Kwik Stop

Kwik Stop is a privately owned convenience store chain with 22 locations open 24/7 in Nebraska and Colorado. Our corporate offices are located in North Platte, Nebraska. All of our stores sell fuel, and 15 locations have in-store deli operations on site.

After over 20 years of dealing with the same software company, frustrated by ongoing problems and inefficiencies, it was with VERY much apprehension that we decided to· look for another software company to handle our central office accounting, and also our individual store back office/price book. I really didn't know where to begin.

After contacting some of my peers in the industry, I reached out to ROG and Mark Lotstein. Mark was currently working with another retailer in Nebraska, and I made arrangements to meet with him to discuss the problems and needs of our company. After meeting with Mark, I made the decision to proceed with the initial discovery phase of the project. Once that was completed, the final decision was made to proceed with ROG, and, with their assistance, find a new software provider, and then proceed with the transition and implementation of the new software.

Mark, Rick, and all of their staff, after interviewing several software providers, found a software company that has met our expectations. I, and our entire staff, was very satisfied with the expertise, patience, and understanding of ROG during our transition. As with any project of this magnitude, there are always a few "bumps in the road". However, all issues were isolated, addressed, and corrected in a timely manner.

Please do not hesitate to call me directly if you have any questions concerning my recommendation of ROG, Mark, Rick, and/or any of their staff. I can be reached at (308) 532-7480 ext. 19, and will promptly return any messages left on this extension, and/or you may reach me at

- Dan O'Neill, President & CEO, Kwik Stop Convenience Stores

Apache Oil Company

The Retail Optimization Group has been a great asset to me in my retail locations and my wholesale fuel business. They supply our background screening program which helps us in avoiding bad hires and they have created a handbook and policy manual for better store and employee control as well as something that we are confident will lower our unemployment costs. They are professional, helpful and have always gone the extra mile for us.

We recommend them on a regular basis to our dealers and others who we know can benefit from their help. They are a consulting company that can really help the independent operator, small chain and jobber.

- Faisal Akram, Five Store Operator / Wholesale Fuel Supplier, 
Apache Oil

Wil Dor, Inc.

We own and operate eight locations, lease out a number of other locations and are a jobber. We know our business and manage it well, but when it came to scanning and back office software we kept putting it off because of time and expertise concerns. ROG managed the entire implementation of our scanning and back office software, they addressed everything from scanning the stores to create a price book, working with the software company, our food wholesaler and our POS service company to make sure everything was being handledproperly and they had us up and scanning more quickly and efficiently then we ever would have been able to on our own.Now we are using them to help us get the most out of our software and so far they have helped us with:• Identifying cashier issues through review of error corrects, voids and other tracking• Lower our inventory levels of cigarettes and other products• Remove slower moving and lower margin products• Increase margins across the stores

Recently we had their POS specialist on-site to fix a number of POS issues and do a one on one day of training with our managers - it was a real help for us. We use them for our pre-employment background checks and it has already helped us make better hiring decisions.

Next we are planning on having them work with us on addressing our handbook and some other human resource areas.

- Chuck Bright, Eight Store Operator /
Wholesale Fuel Supplier, Wil Dor, Inc.

Champlain Oil / Jiffy Mart

The Retail Op Group has been a great tool in our hiring process. We are committed to hiring quality employees and after discovering this background screening service we have been able to identify applicants that were less than honest on their employment application. The background fee is affordable and I have found the checks to be easy to manage and the results accurate.

- Rob Landry, 30 Store Chain / Wholesale Fuel Supplier,
Champlain Oil / Jiffy Mart

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