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Fast expansion in chain size, resulting in outdated inventory and tracking processes.


A new retail back-office system to connect and streamline all MAPP convenience stores.

Case Study

Keeping up with the competition by becoming more efficient was a key reason MAPP LLC (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership) decided to invest in a high quality, retail back-office system for its 29 c-stores.

“We went from one store to three dozen, yet our system for inventory and tracking was antiquated and paper intensive,” says Tom McDowell, for MAPP. He says ROG Consulting was extremely helpful in narrowing down the options, a challenge since system prices range from $150,000 to $1 million+.

Selecting the new system was the first challenge – then MAPP faced the tasks of implementing the new system and training employees. The ROG team was a true partner throughout the process, especially with scanning for item-level inventory purposes and easing the resistance of staff with the growing pains.

“Basically, we were changing to a system where everything had to be scanned and them converted into Quickbooks,” McDowell says. “We had matters to overcome because we were more of a hands-on, count-the-cash, touch-the-cash type of operation. The new system also moved us toward using virtual vaults versus dropping cash into a safe. It was just a lot of change, both technologically and culturally.”

He calls the system a bridge between headquarters, software and reality. “We found out we weren’t just selling a bunch of candy, but which items were selling better than others,” McDowell says. “It was surprising to learn we weren’t even charging the same price for similar items in all stores. The analysis capabilities are enlightening.”


The ROG team was a true partner throughout the process.

Tom McDowell [MAPP LLC]

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