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We recommend the solutions that best fit your needs -- an unbiased opinion.

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How We Work


ROG provides a wide range of services for its clients –– small to mid-size retailers (five to 100 stores), wholesale fuel jobbers/marketers, and those involved in bulk, transport or QSR.

System Analysis

The ROG team takes a comprehensive approach when we analyze your system. We look at your business model, your company infrastructure, and the marketplace you compete in before recommending the best solution for your needs.

Software Upgrades

Our experts will figure out if your software is sufficient for your needs, or if you are underutilizing what you have. Since we are not affiliated with any software or hardware vendors, our recommendations are 100% unbiased and genuine.

Process & Procedure Evaluation

In addition to the system analysis, our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your processes and procedures to identify opportunities to streamline operations, cut costs and save on labor, and ultimately put more profits in your pocket.

Item Level Inventory

Imagine being able to pinpoint your shrinkage and losses down to the SKU! ROG has helped many convenience retail operations save a great deal of money by implementing item-level inventory. We make it easy so you can focus on running your business.

Training/ Coaching

ROG will do more than recommend and implement a new system –– we make sure your employees know how to use it effectively and efficiently. We also will develop and align training programs that fit your strategic direction.

ROG in Action

Here is an example of how ROG takes a client from ”barely getting by” to efficient and profitable:

The Scenario

Steve is COO of a 15-store retail chain that relies on decade-old software for sales reporting and inventory tracking. In fact, Steve was the one who selected the software that served the chain well when it operated five stores, but now it is “just adequate.”

The Challenge

While most retail locations are using the same software, the chain has yet to integrate all stores through one processing center. Each store manager is bogged down in paperwork each night, running tons of reports (many that may be unnecessary since the store managers aren’t trained well enough on the system) and making unilateral inventory decisions. Losses are written off regularly since item-level inventory has not been implemented.

The Solution

Steve is overwhelmed by all the technology choices, so he calls ROG. The ROG team conducts a thorough evaluation of the chain’s systems, processes and procedures, and then recommends two or three upgrade options (an unbiased opinion since ROG receives no kickbacks on recommendations or sales of any technology product) that will help the chain streamline, cut costs and make more money.

ROG sees the implementation through, training staff at each location and ensuring as few disturbances to business as possible. Item-level inventory is set in action and now the chain can identify which SKUs are contributing to any write-offs.

Common Questions
We're hesitant to make changes because the process may disrupt our current business. How does ROG ease the pain?

Our goal is to keep business interruptions to a minimum. There’s no such thing as perfect implementation of anything, but ROG will take you from sink holes to pot holes. Our team understands everything there is to know about the business, and our focus is on the client 100% throughout the process.

We're hesitant to make changes because the process may disrupt our current business. How does ROG ease the pain?

If you are like most people in this position, you are interested in expanding the business and controlling costs. If you are writing off losses and have no idea why, we can help you implement item-level inventory – the key to controlling shrink and losses. The hardest is preparation and implementation, and ROG will ensure it is done properly so you see immediate and significant returns on that investment.

Training & Coaching

ROG Consulting offers comprehensive services for real world solutions that meet the changing needs of owners, managers, employees, markets and customers. We work with our clients to develop and align training programs that fit their strategic direction. We take a hands-on approach to providing meaningful training and coaching that has minimal impact on employees and consumers.

From the basic to the most complex issues and projects, ROG Consulting can develop an efficient training and coaching program for your business.

  • Food Safety Certification

  •  HACCP

  •  Food Defense

  •  Responsible Alcohol Management

  •  Effective Employee Recruiting and Retention

  •  Loss Prevention and Inventory Management

  •  Train-the-Trainer

  •  Branding and Image Management

  • Social Media

  •  Crisis Communication

  •  Customer Service and Personnel Development

  •  Business Planning

  •  Acquisitions and Mergers

  •  Business Succession Planning

  •  Interim Management Services

  •  Executive Recruiting

ROG helped me understand exactly what I was looking at. I am loving the new software -- it saves me so much time and simplifies so much of our daily paperwork.

- Store Manager, Large Convenience Store Chain

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