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How ROG Helps Our Clients

We recommend the solutions that best fit your needs -- an unbiased opinion.

Petroleum Sector - ROG Consulting

What We Do


ROG provides a wide range of services for its clients – From a small retailer with five stores to wholesale fuel jobbers/marketers, and those involved in bulk, transport or QSR

System Analysis

The ROG team takes a comprehensive approach when we analyze your software system(s). We look at your business model, your company infrastructure, and the marketplace you compete in before we provide you with the best options to fit these needs..

Software Upgrades

Our experts will determine if your current software(s) are insufficient for your needs or if you are underutilizing what you have. Since we are not affiliated with any back-office software or hardware vendors, our recommendations are 100% based on our industry knowledge and are without bias.

Process & Procedure Evaluation

In addition to the software analysis, our team will conduct a thorough assessment of your processes and procedures to identify opportunities to streamline operations, better utilize your staff and information, reduce costs, and save on labor – making your company more profitable.

Training/ Coaching

Whether it is after implementing a new software, upgrading an existing software, or changing internal process and procedure –– we can make sure your employees know how to use it effectively and efficiently. This includes creating custom training documents, online and in person training and remote support.

ROG in Action

Here is an example of how ROG takes a client from ”barely getting by” to efficient and profitable:

The Scenario

Company Overview

  • 18 Retail Sites including a mix of food service and two travel centers

  • Wholesaler to company operated stores and dealers in three states

  • Transport for company sites and freight only

  • Home Heating oil and lubricants business

The Challenge

They use 2 different software packages going back to when they were separate companies, and the home heat and lubricants division is still paper and pencil with Excel spreadsheets. They continue to grow and need to be fully integrated to maximize profit and for banking purposes.  There are different opinions on what they want and need as well as concerns regarding how the preparation and implementation of a new software will impact the day-to-day operations of the company and the work towards acquiring another company.

The Solution

ROG Consulting full suite of consulting services can address their needs from start to finish.

  • Detailed company discovery to understand what they really need to grow the business while maintaining control and maximizing profitability.

  • Write a comprehensive RFP so that we can present these needs to multiple software vendors who can then present point by point solutions.

  • Manage the Software presentations so that we keep them focused on addressing your specific needs and showing you exactly what the software can and cannot do as well as the ease (or difficulty) of using the software.

  • Negotiate the best pricing possible based on our years of working with each of the vendors and know where and how they can sharpen their pricing.

  • Prepare for the implementation be it full project management and heavy lifting to just supporting aspects of the project where you need additional people and or knowledge.

  • Manage / onsite for the go live to ensure things go smoothly and the software is properly up and running.

Common Questions
We're hesitant to make changes because the process may disrupt our current business. How does ROG ease the pain?

For nearly 15 years our goal is to keep our client’s business interruptions to a minimum. There’s no such thing as perfect software or hardware implementation.  Change of anything in the business will require time and effort but ROG’s promise is minimized interruptions so there are no sink holes only potholes. Our team has lived and breathed the industry and understands your concerns.  We are 100% committed to doing what it takes to make the process as painless as possible.

Training & Coaching

ROG Offers customized training plans based on industry best practices and the capability of your software, staff, and business needs including:

  • Retail Store Paperwork

  • Office Reconciliation

  • Dispatch & Logistics

  • Warehouse Inventory Control

  • CRM to Customer

  • Bonus Plans

  • Hiring & Retention

  • Loyalty

ROG helped me understand exactly what I was looking at. I am loving the new software -- it saves me so much time and simplifies so much of our daily paperwork.

- Store Manager, Large Convenience Store Chain

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